Tuesday, June 9, 2009

~*+Mysterellyne +*~ (Part 1)

It was the fourth day. And she was still alive.

"...yet," said a nasty voice in her mind.

And she had to admit it, it was really a miracle that she still survived after four days without food and water. And she was still walking. Walking along this dark, dark road that never seemed to end.

She had forgotten how she came to be here. All that mattered was there was not a single living soul in sight. No signposts stood on the lonely road. Occasionally, she would pass by a few whispering trees that enhanced the spookiness that was already overwhelming the young girl. But other than that, no cars, no animals, no people...nothing. No lamppost stood on the narrow road. All that lighted her path was a tiny sliver of moon in the sky. Not just any moon, either. It was a reddish moon with dark shadows covering more than half of its surface. It was a terrifying world of trees, roads and loneliness.

But that did not mean she was prepared for what came next.

All of a sudden, a gigantic shadow stirred behind her. She had barely turned round when something hairy and drippy pounced on her, muffling her scream that had shattered the silence of the dark, dark night...