Friday, July 31, 2009

~*+Mysterellyne +*~ (Part 5)

Mysterellyne gingerly opened it. The dusty, yellowing pages were covered with the same loopy, old-looking handwriting that was on the piece of paper.

She opened the first page, and started to read.

"Well...I wouldn't have thought that the dirty, sticky, always-smelly and fat little boy would grow up to be such a mature, striking and handsome looking young man! I still remember how he always used to take my things when we were kids. How I hated him back then! But just now, there he was, looking at me with an expression that was quite different from the taunting look back then."

"I looked back at him. Our eyes locked for 3 whole minutes, but it wasn't the same as the staring-matches we had when we were seven. And his eyes...they weren't full of laughter and mischief as before. It was a long time before he said slowly, 'I love you. Will you be my bride?'."

"I shrank away at once, and ran away from him. I went to the park and leant against the tree...the tree we used to play tic-tac-toe on. Ahhhh no!!! What am I thinking of? Why do I keep recalling all the memories with him! No No NO!! I must stop this! He is nothing more than a poor young man with only a hole in his pocket! Father and Mother would never permit this!"

"But my heart...why does my heart beat so fast whenever I think of him? Dear Diary, save me! Oh's raining now and I'm sitting under the tree writing in you! No...I've already lost my heart, I cannot afford to lose you as well. Goodbye for now."

"Dear Diary, I will not be writing in you anymore. You must not miss me. But I am going to tell you what happened before I leave you forever. I was walking back home from the park just now, without an umbrella. Suddenly, I heard a voice shouting my name across the road. His voice. I turned, and he came rushing across the road to me. Oh Diary!! I will never forget what happened next...well maybe I will in about half an hour later, Diary. A streak of lighting struck him...his face was frozen in the smile that he was giving me...and he had fallen down...and...he just looked at me when I rushed over to his side...and I'll never forget his eyes when he looked at me through the raindrops. His eyes spoke to me as his lips had never did. And then, he was gone. Diary, I am going to rejoin him now. Goodbye, dear Diary."

The handwriting ended here.