Tuesday, June 9, 2009

~*+Mysterellyne +*~ (Part 3)

Sitting up in bed, Mysterellyne realized that she had cold sweat on her forehead. Her hands were still trembling. Shakily, she got out of bed and went to her dressing table.

She looked into the mirror, half expecting to see an old witch with wrinkles reflected inside, or a goblin, or something else equally frightening. Instead, she saw only herself, heaving a sigh of relief.

Anyone would think that she would be happy that the dream was over. Well, she was, in a way. But not exactly.

"Why didn't a knight on a coal-black steed come to rescue me?" she asked of her reflection.

Although she was turning eighteen on her next birthday, Mysterellyne's love life was still empty. She had never had a boyfriend, never recieved a love letter. Nobody had ever even crushed on her before.

It wasn't as if she was just desperate for a partner or anything. But it just gave her a feeling that she was men-repellent, and she did not like that. Would she ever get to marry in the future? Was she really that bad?

She studied her reflection in the mirror. Big sparkling brown eyes with long curly lashes, a straight nose, a perfectly shaped pink mouth, nicely arched brows, a fair complexion, an oval face, glossy dark brown hair with slightly wavy, it couldn't be her looks.

Maybe her character? But she was friendly, kind, generous, helpful and she was always smiling. She had plenty of friends, including boys, but they were just - friends. Not even best friends.

Then what was the problem with her?!

Frustrated, she threw her hairbrush across the room. It hit the wall clattered to the floor, beside a piece of yellowish paper that she hadn't noticed before.